About Us

Polk County for Life is a newly incorporated 501c3 organization that started in 2014 as a committee made up of leaders from pro-life organizations in the community, as well as individuals who are also committed to life.  The purpose of our committee was to organize and run the Polk County Sanctity of Life Celebration event, which is now in its fifth year.  The goals of this event are to celebrate, educate and motivate our community for life. We accomplish this through Praise and Worship, Keynote Speakers, and Youth and Adult Workshops on various life-affirming topics.

In 2016, the committee took a big step by more formally creating an organization behind the event, called Polk County for Life.  We have incorporated and are run by a board of directors made up of the original committee members.  Our mission is to educate the citizens of Polk County regarding the value of all human life and to motivate the community to nurture and sustain the gift of life.

As Polk County for Life goes forward, our plan is to continue to bring the Sanctity of Life event to Polk County.  We also want to grow in our purpose, by becoming a unifying force for life-related events and organizations throughout the county.  We would like to become the ONE place people can come to to find out how to get involved to support life in our community.

Polk County for Life Board of Directors

Mark Alford, President

Rebecca Klein, Vice President –  A Woman’s Choice

Don Schluender, Treasurer

Emily Massarella, Secretary – Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic

Mary Lou Hendry – Florida Baptist Children’s Home

Kate McDonald – Choices Pregnancy Care Program

Kristi Perkins – Choices Pregnancy Care Program

Marilyn Paul – Options for Women Pregnancy Help Clinic


Committee Members

Kelly Arena

Keri Carrier

Adanaris Roldan – LifeChoice Pregnancy Center

Kerstin Stewart